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Netizen Ventures invests in promising early-stage startup companies with a focus on ones that are traditionally under-served by mainstream investors and venture capital. These include veteran-owned, woman-owned and minority-owned companies in a variety of markets. We provide angel investment and seed funding for such companies to get off the ground, research market fit, and aid development of their products and offerings. 

We not only provide startup capital, but also access to the needed expertise, advisory, networks, and follow-on investment opportunities to grow and expand well beyond startup stage. 

Our team conducts a multi-stage screening process for potential investments that includes an initial meeting, pitch presentation, due diligence, and term negotiation. There are many criteria that we look for in a candidate company including strength of the management team, market fit, growth potential, and the overall business model. Investment types may include equity, loans, lines of credit or a combination thereof depending on a variety of factors.

After investment, our team can provide legal, accounting, domain expertise, and management support to aid in the maturation of the startup and drive growth. Entrepreneurs are expected to report detailed metrics and status information at least quarterly regarding company progress.

Looking for investment or want to learn more? Request a meeting.

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