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Netizen Ventures seeks to identify promising investments in areas that are traditionally overlooked or under-served by other investors and venture capital. These include veteran-owned, minority-owned and woman-owned startup companies in fast growing markets.

Our C³ (C Cubed) methodology is the foundation upon which Netizen Ventures builds and grows investments. It consists of Capital, Connections, and Capabilities. Each component builds upon the other to generate exponential value when implemented properly. It is an active, hands-on investment strategy and a proven approach to achieve sustainable growth.


The first and foremost requirement of any investment is the capital. This, however, is where too many investors, banks and venture capitalists stop. Not us. While capital is the life-blood and bedrock of investing, it cannot function effectively and achieve results in a total vacuum. 


Study after study and our own experience as entrepreneurs has clearly demonstrated that success can be contingent as much upon who you know (your network) as from hard work, dedication, expertise, and other attributes. Netizen Ventures provides our investments with access to a global network of resources that can create opportunities and provide insight.



New investments require a solid foundation upon which to grow which includes an essential set of capabilities beyond their primary function. These include legal, accounting, advisory, domain expertise, management, and other types of support from experienced professionals. Netizen Ventures can provide these to stabilize and grow investments more efficiently and effectively.

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